Local Video Crew

One way to avoid sending every employee is to have the event filmed for cost savings and flexibility.

Utilizing Video to Cut Business Costs

Training and continuing education is essential for most businesses. As technology advances and new information becomes available, getting employees trained can be a logistical problem. A large company, for example, will have problems scheduling employees for training or for conference and seminar attendance. A medium-sized company may not have the resources to send people to a class or symposium on the latest techniques regarding health and safety.

Avoiding Sending Everyone

The information presented will be important and relevant, and may even be required by oversight agencies. The question becomes how to be sure all employees benefit from the training, class, or conference. Travel costs will add up quickly, as will overtime costs for people to cover for those not on the job site. Meals, accommodations if necessary, and entrance fees can double total costs per person.

One way to avoid sending every employee is to have the event filmed for cost savings and flexibility. A local video crew can be hired without the business spending a small fortune. Send a business representative or two to the training for any hands-on experiences needed. Set up times for other employees to view the footage when it suits the schedule.

Drastically Reduce Overtime Costs

If the video is an hour or two long, have groups of employees watch it directly after their shifts. That cuts overtime costs in half because additional employees do not have to be scheduled to cover job duties. Arrange to give those who attended the event time off instead of paying overtime. Everyone eventually gets updated or trained and the business does not go bankrupt. The information is also available to new employees as they are hired.

Top Quality

An amateur video may not come out clear and concise. Problems with the equipment, trouble with sound, or an unsteady view will be distracting. Employees will not be able to absorb the information because all those issues will prove distracting. Professionals, like those hired for Crews Control camera crews, will produce top quality videos that are easy to follow.

Experienced crews are available worldwide in most countries and major cities. Some regional areas are covered as well. Even if a crew is needed in a remote area, travel costs for people who are local are much lower than travel costs that involve flights. Competition is fierce in business and only those that offer the latest products, services, or techniques will thrive. Cut costs without sacrificing the advantages of current information.